• At last, disposable tubing for groundwater sampling which is landfill biodegradable! Landfill Biodegradable - Responsible use of Disposable Plastic Is sampling groundwater responsibly important to your business? ...then switch to 'BioTubing'. Our landfill-biodegradable tubing helps minimise plastic waste build-up in our landfills. Independent laboratory testing confirms that our BioTubing is PFC/PFAS-free, based on analysis for 28 different PFCs at extremely low detection limits. For sampling on PFAS sites HDPE tubing is often prefered. HDPE tubing is available in 1/4", 3/8", and 5/8" OD sizes. Click the 'Ordering Information' tab to see all available options for BioTubing.
  • Simply the best way to manage tubing for low-flow groundwater sampling

    The Rapid Reel is a simple cardboard tubing dispenser for our biodegradable tubing for low-flow sampling. Low-flow sampling has just been made easier! Simply connect the tubing to your sampling pump then deploy down the well, letting the tubing flow easily out of the Rapid Reel box. Clean and simple. Testimonials: "I used the rapid reel last time I was groundwater sampling and thought it was great. Made life so much easier, especially on the deep wells." Samantha Walsh - Landserv “I have to say, when I saw the rapid reel on your website, memories sprung to mind of countless times spent fighting soggy cardboard reels and unruly tubing. The Rapid Reel did live up to my expectations. It definitely helped keep my ute/workspace tidier, and it was quicker and easier to reel out the quantity I needed." Emmylou Cooke - Ventia
  • Landfill Biodegradable Bailer Landfill Biodegradable - Responsible use of Disposable Plastic The BioBailerTM is a quick and easy way to sample groundwater. Simply lower the bailer into your well and it fills with water as it submerses. When you pull up to retrieve the bailer the check-valve closes, trapping approximately 1L of water inside.
  • Landfill Biodegradable Bladders are now available! Low-Flow Sampling has been the preferred method of choice for many years now in Australia for groundwater sampling. Now you can use disposable bladders responsibly by choosing our landfill biodegradable bladders. Fieldtech Solutions has developed biodegradable* concertina style bladders, and also tube style bladders for 2 of the most popular low-flow groundwater sampling pumps. These bladders have the same biodegradable additive as our other disposable sampling products so that they will biodegrade once disposed to a landfill. Independent laboratory testing confirms that our bladders are PFC/PFAS-free, based on analysis for 28 different PFCs at extremely low detection limits.
  • High capacity 0.45u inline filter capsules, and landfill biodegradable. A world first!

    Landfill Biodegradable - Responsible use of Disposable Plastic Now you can filter groundwater in the field responsibly by using landfill-biodegradable filters. The AquaPore 800 biodegradable filter has a huge 800cm2 capacity to handle water with high turbidity, while the AquaPore 500 has a 500cm2 capacity for medium turbidity. Both filters have the same patented additive we use in our other biodegradable products to make them landfill biodegradable according to ASTM D5511. It has been designed specifically for the preparation of groundwater samples for dissolved metals analysis and for filtering large volumes of turbid groundwater.  
  • Sterilize cell culture media with vacuum-driven Stericup® and Steritop® filters.

    Sterile-filter and store 150 mL up to 1000 mL of cell culture media using trusted Stericup® filter units, which include a bottle-top filter and a receiving flask, and Steritop® bottle-top filters. Reasons to choose Stericup® vacuum filters:

    • Faster flow rate and less clogging than many other bottle-top filters
    • Low protein binding
    • Stable design to minimize risk of tipping over
    • Easy to grip flask
    • Compact and stackable, even in tight cell culture hoods
    • Wide range of membranes and volume capacity
  • The Mityvac Silverline Hand Pump can be used for filtering water samples, using either vaccum or pressure to move the sample through the filter. Most commonly they are used on the vaccuum setting in conjunction with the Stericup filters.
    • Gauges the vacuum and pressure during leakages, fluid transfer and fluid drainage
    • Working pressure is 30 psi
    • Ergonomic design
    • Easy to use
  • Turn your BioTubing into a groundwater pump Waterra footvalves or inertial pumps have long been a reliable and effective way to sample groundwater. They consist of a one-way checkvalve which connects to a length of BioTubing. Oscillating the tubing up and down in the well produces a flow of water. The tubing can also be connected to external pumps such as the Waterra Powerpack or PowerPump. Waterra footvalves can be a great sampling solution for narrow diameter wells. Fieldtech Solutions stock a range of the most popular sizes such as the D25, D32, and D16 footvalves. Each of these can connect to our BioTubing which allows it to function as a manual groundwater pump.  
  • The Waterra PowerPack PP1 provides the mechanical actuation for pumping with inertial pumps to depths of over 60m, in a fully portable, single operator power unit. At 13 kg, the PowerPack PP1 provides outstanding pumping performance. The PP1 is powerful enough to lift water from over 60m depth using the Standard Flow System, and is so compact that it fits onto a back-pack frame. The PowerPack PP1 incorporates clamps for Waterra High Flow and Standard tubing sizes (adaptors are available for smaller tubes). A Honda GX-25 series, 1.0 horsepower, 4 stroke, gasoline motor powers this device, which can run for approximately 1 hour without refuelling.
  • 100% biodegradable nitrile disposable glove with Eco Best Technology®. Provides comfort, dexterity and protection from chemicals. *Biodegradation has been verified by independent laboratory using ASTM D5511 for anaerobic landfill conditions.
  • Low Cost, No Purge Groundwater Sampler These samplers are fast becoming one of the most popular methods of groundwater sampling on many Australian sites. Sleeve samplers make groundwater sampling a simple, three-step operation that can be more effective than purging or low-flow sampling. The low-cost, disposable sleeve captures a "core" of water from any discrete interval in the screened portion of the well with no change in water level and minimal disturbance to the water column. The sleeve is sealed except during sample collection, then re-seals itself, assuring that a formation quality sample is recovered. Independent laboratory testing confirms that our Sleeve Samplers are PFC/PFAS-free, based on analysis for 28 different PFCs at extremely low detection limits.
  • The Engineered Plastic 12 volt submersible centrifugal Tempest/Twister® pump is capable of pumping up to 60 feet from ground level (DTW)* by simply connecting the Tempest/Twister® to a 12 volt deep cycle battery. Its reliable design is perfect for continuous sampling and purging of groundwater wells and Low Flow Sampling (Fractional Flow™).

  • Super Purger & Mini Purger Fieldtech Solutions is proud to offer the Whale 'Super Purger' and 'Mini Purger' groundwater pumps for sampling or well development. These 12V electric submersible pumps have long been used throughout the world because they are compact, reliable, and easy to use. Simply attach your tubing, connect to a 12V power source such as a car battery, and you are ready to purge and sample. Features:
    • Only 36mm diameter, ideal for standard 50mm monitoring wells
    • Heavy gauge cable and alligator clips
    • 12V DC operation
    • Lower current draw for more efficient performance
    • Tough plastic construction with PBT impeller
    • Flow rates up to 12 LPM
    • Pumping depths up to 18m with Super Purger, and 12m with the Mini Purger
    • Also available on reel for easy sampling kit (see pic.)
    • Compatible with 1/2" or 5/8" BioTubing
    The Whale pumps can be ordered on a reel like the above picture so that it makes a tidy kit which protects the pump and cable. The cable is installed onto the reel and fed through the centre for ease of use. The reel comes with a detachable jumper cable, on/off switch and pump scabbard.
      Note: If greater than 18m lift is required please call or email for options.
  • Alconox is a concentrated, anionic detergent for manual and ultrasonic cleaning. Free rinsing to give you reliable results without interfering residues. Ideal for cleaning contaminants from glassware, metals, plastics, ceramic, porcelain, rubber and fiberglass. Excellent replacement for corrosive acids and hazardous solvents. FSANZ Authorized. USDA authorized. Dilute 1:100. pH 9.5

    • Concentrated to save you money
    • Biodegradable and readily disposable
    • Penetrating wetting power to save you time
    • Replaces corrosive acids and hazardous solvents
    • Free rinsing to give you reliable results and no interfering residues
    • Use to pass your cleaning validation tests for lab accreditation and plant inspection approval
  • Biodegradable Cleaning Concentrate Decon 90 is a highly effective decontamination and cleaning liquid which is also biodegradable. It can be used to clean pumps, bailers, tubing, soil augers, or any sampling equipment where cross-contamination between sampling locations is a concern. Decon 90 is highly effective on petroleum contamination such as fuels and oils, but also Strontium 90, Iodine 131, Carbon 14, Phosphorus 32, Au 198, Hg 203, Translutonium, Tantalum and radiocarbon are all handled by Decon 90. It also caters for a wide range of problem contaminants including: Abrasives, agar algae, apiezon get bacteria, blood, distillation residues, latex, protein complexes, pus, tar, sera, silicone, grease and oil, reagents, etc. Download MSDS