Water Level Instrumentation

Whether it’s a simple mechanical fox whistle, the ever-reliable Heron Dipper T, or continuous logging and telemetry devices, you will find our range of water level monitoring options here.

  • The fox whistle is the ultimate low cost tool you can use for measuring depth to water.  Our fox whistle is made from stainless steel, is 20mm in diameter and 200mm long.  Air is pushed through the hole in the fox whistle and when it comes into contact with water, it makes a whistling sound. A 30m tape on a windup reel is also available to order as well. Please Note - Maximum depth recommended is approximately 20m, otherwise you may not hear the whistle. Also, not recommended for use in noisy environments such as a busy road or noisy site, as again you may not hear the whistle.    
  • For Narrow Diameter Wells The Skinny Dipper water level meter is ideal for measuring static water levels in narrow wells, boreholes, tubes and piezometers. The slim line tape and ¼” probe enable users to take readings while the pump is still in the well, whereas wider tapes may get tangled. The premium padded carry case comes included to protect your precision instrument from the elements. The ¼” polyethylene tape, available in metric (mm) or engineering scale (1/100’), is marked with black and red graduations, making measurements easy to read in the field.
  • The water tape2 water level meter is made for drillers, consultants and hydrogeologists that are looking for an economic water level meter that does not lack in quality. The water tape2 provides accurate water measurements without going over budget. The Heron water tape2, an economical water level meter, can be used for measuring both static and drawDown levels in open bodies of water, wells, boreholes and standpipes. This low cost unit with DUAL FUNCTION capability is ideal for every project and budget. The water tape2 manufactured with the white polyethylene tape, reinforced with Kevlar is available in both metric and engineering scale. Unlike some other white tape units, the water tape2 comes with a fully pressure rated probe* and carry bag.

  • The dipper-T2 water level meter is designed for well drillers, consultants, and hydrogeologists all across the globe. The dipper-T2 is a rugged and dependable water level meter made from high quality materials, easy to use for a wide variety of applications. The dipper-T2 is capable of measuring both static and falling head levels. Static mode is used for measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes. DrawDown mode is used for measuring falling water levels during purging, well development and for low flow sampling; helping to protect your pump from damage caused by dry running. The Heron dipper-T2 is renowned for its premium, polyethylene coated yellow steel tape accuracy in measuring depth to water. Available in your choice of either metric or engineering scale. The highest accuracy begins with a top quality, heavy duty tape. Each tape is tested to ensure compliance with appropriate ASME standards. These tough tapes have a breaking load of over 150 kg. The tape is made from high tensile steel, ensuring resistance to stretching even at abnormal loads. Everything on the unit from the ergonomic vinyl carry handle to the easy clean, full depth stainless steel probe has been carefully designed to give you the very best water level meter. Each unit includes a sturdy padded nylon carrying bag. Drawdown Feature For Low-Flow Sampling With a touch of a button the unit changes from static to drawdown mode; a dual function unit at an affordable price. The dipper-T in drawdown mode is ideally suited for low-flow groundwater sampling. During sampling the drawdown level needs to be monitored closely so that it does not fall below the pump inlet. If the drawdown alarm sounds then the user can quickly slow the pumping rate or stop the pump temporarily and allow the well to recover. The drawdown feature may be used for measuring falling water levels during purging and well development, helping to protect electrical pumps from damage caused by dry running. The Well Casing Indicator Probe is used to measure the depth of metal casing in wells and boreholes from 50mm in diameter and upward. The Well Casing Indicator Probe works using magnetism. While the probe sits within the magnetic field of the steel casing, an auditory and visual signal is active. When the probe leaves the magnetic field the signal stops. Note the condition of the well for accurate readings. The Well Depth Indicator Probe (or bottom detector) is used to measure the full depth in wells and boreholes. The Well Depth Indicator Probe uses a pressure sensitive plunger to measure the distance to the bottom of the well. When the Well Depth Indicator Probe reaches the bottom of the well, the plunger enters the probe body closing a switch, initiating an audible and visual signal at the top of the well.        
  • The Heron H.OIL & SM.Oil interface meters are used to measure the thickness of floating or sinking hydrocarbon products (LNAPL, PSH, DNAPL), in groundwater accurately, reliably, safely & economically. The SM.Oil is essentially a smaller, lighter and mini-version of the industry standard H.Oil. Unlike other interface meters, the H.Oil and SM.Oil come with fully submersible probes. Easy to Operate with Accuracy The easy to read accurate (ASME standard) heavy duty Kynar® jacketed tape allows you to measure with confidence to 1mm resolution. Ruggedness and Dependability For dependable field use, it features an environmentally protected encapsulated circuit for safety and durability on an easily removable modular electronic panel. The field changeable probe makes your job more efficient. Save Money on Repairs & Replacements The unique flexible link between tape and probe protects the tape. Should the probe become “hung up” in the well, the link will break, saving the tape by sacrificing the less expensive replaceable probe. In addition, the core of the measuring tape used is high tensile steel with a breaking load over 300Lbs (136kg)- to further protect the instrument. The modular constructed quick change probe and electronic panel make replacing parts fast and convenient. Safety over a Wide Range of Gases The industry leading H.Oil interface meter offers you the highest protection against fire and explosion.  
  • Conductivity, Temperature & Static Levels The Conductivity Plus enables accurate measurements of conductivity, water levels and temperatures in wells, boreholes, stand pipes and estuaries where salt water intrusion and contamination levels become a concern. Conductivity can be an early indicator of change in a water system due to fluctuations of salinity in water levels. The premium padded carry case comes included to protect your precision instrument from the elements. The high tensile steel core measuring tape is tested for stretch resistance to ASME standards and is ideal for profiling up to 50˚C. An LCD screen displays conductivity values up to 80,000 µS and temperature range from 0˚C – 50˚C. The conductance temperature compensation coefficient is 2.0%. Calibration of the conductivity plus is easy using readily available 1413, 5000, 12880, 111800 uS solutions, and up to 4 calibration points can be utilised. The Conductivity Plus provides a higher range of up to 250,000 μS/cm, which is the highest conductivity range on the market.  
  • The premium, highly accurate dipperLog TOUGH+ with titanium body and transducer is suitable for use by environmental technicians and other groundwater professionals in the most caustic and hazardous of environments. The dipperLog TOUGH+ is a reliable, cost-effective solution for long and short-term monitoring of groundwater levels and temperature in wells where contamination is a concern. Suspended Version: Install the logger using a suspension cord and simply pull the logger up, connect to a laptop or tablet with a P.C. Communication Cable and retrieve your data. Real time readings are not available with this option. Direct Read Version: This is the least labour-intensive model for groundwater data logging. The data logger is suspended on a direct read cable, which establishes a connection to the data logger at the wellhead. Programming, downloading, stopping and starting data collection can be done while the logger is deployed. Just connect your laptop or Windows Tablet at the wellhead. Reel Version: An ideal option when transporting your data logger from site to site for pump and slug tests or any other short-term deployment. Programming and downloading of the data is capable via the connection on the face plate on the reel. Real time readings are available with this option. barLog: A barometric logger, that is used to automatically compensate readings stored on the dipperLog for changes in barometric pressure (for absolute version). Recommended for long term monitoring or where more than one logger is deployed within a 5 km radius. Download Brochure 
  • The Heron Instruments barLog, barometric logger is used to automatically compensate readings stored on the dipperLog for changes in barometric pressure. The barLog, with readings every 1 hour and a memory capacity of 32,000 data points,  is recommended for long term monitoring or where more than one logger is deployed withing in a 5 km radius. The dedicated, intuitive software makes the dipperLog quick and easy to program and launch. Simply recover your data, save your findings in a tabular display and graph, view both parameters side by side in a split screen. Use the Heron Instruments’ barLog alongside your dipperLog Groundwater Data Logger for the most accurate data possible. Add a barLog to your quote for the dipperLog TOUGH, dipperLog 64, or dipperLog 32. Download Brochure 
  • The dipperLog 128+ is a highly accurate groundwater data logger used by hydrogeologists, hydrologists, environmental technicians, water well contractors and other groundwater professionals. The dipperLog 128+ is a reliable and cost-effective solution to long and short-term monitoring of groundwater levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. All Heron loggers are available in various deployment options: 1) Suspended Version – pull the dipperLog out of the well to download 2) Direct Read Version – enables you to do real time readings and download your data while the dipperLog is still in the well. 3) Reel Version – a portable solution, ideal for short term slug and pump testing Download Brochure 
  • The Heron 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter is easily integrated into an existing SCADA system, digital display and 3rd party data logger. It will provide a continuous, accurate water level reading for a wide variety of applications. A two-wire 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter current configuration is used with the Heron Pressure Transmitter which is the most widely used signal transmission for transducers in industrial environments.
    • Vented cable provides real time barometric compensation
    • Simple two-wire connection
    • Output signal is compatible with most telemetry, SCADA and PLC systems
    • High noise immunity on long cable runs
    • Wide range of supply voltage (7.5VDC-35VDC)
    • High accurate water level measurements
    • Reverse polarity protected
  • The dipperLog VENTED+ is a reliable, cost-effective solution for measuring groundwater levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. The dipperLog VENTED+, incorporates a gauged transducer that measures pressure exempt from barometric influences which is ideal to use in both long and short-term monitoring. The dipperLog VENTED+ is removable from the vented cable, allowing easy field replacement. Just connect your laptop or Windows Tablet at the wellhead. Download Brochure 
  • Vertical Downhole Inspection Camera The dipper-See EXAMINER vertical downhole inspection camera is a cost-effective way for people performing well inspections, maintenance, and installation to do their jobs quickly and accurately. The dipper-See EXAMINER comes with everything a well inspector, well driller, or hydrogeologist needs to do more work in less time. The Heron dipper-See EXAMINER is a robust and cost effective vertical downhole inspection camera. Designed with portability in mind, this self-contained unit is ideal for viewing in wells, drains, vertical shafts, open bodies of water, boreholes and narrow tubes over 25mm (1”) in diameter.* The dipper-See EXAMINER and the included accessories are easily transported in the provided super tough wheeled carry case and accessory case, ideal for protecting your investment from the elements. The adjustable positioning arm, conveniently attached to the frame, offers an ergonomic solution for adjusting the monitor for viewing the High Definition (HD) display screen at different angles and varied lighting conditions. The monitor conveniently houses all of the controls on the front of the panel.  Record the video/audio on the SD card provided with the DVR, for easy transfer of video to another device. Please note that the monitor is rated IP65 and should be covered during wet or inclement weather and protected against direct exposure to water projection (spraying). The HD, detachable See-120 camera probe is designed to work in the harshest environments and stand up to the most rigorous use. The camera probe can be easily removed at the link connection for field replacement and for future camera upgrades. The built-in hanger on the frame can support the unit at the top of the well, allowing for hands-free viewing while in the field. Available in 150m or 500ft tape lengths only* Download Brochure       

We ship all our products with recycable and biodegradable materials.

We ship all our products with recyclable and landfill-biodegradable materials.
We use newspaper as filler and recycled cardboard boxes where possible to replace non-recyclable material.


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