• A better designed well cover using recycled plastic for sustainability The Eco Nondo 180 well cover is designed with sustainability in mind. The reuse of current resources and the conservation of our future resources are fundamental to all our design concepts where practical. The Eco Nondo 180 is made entirely from recycled plastic and has been tested to meet load bearing requirements for traffic suitability for Australian Standard AS3996 Class D. Features:
    • One piece gasket seals both the lid and around bolt holes heads to prevent surface water ingress, and completely seals the well
    • 2 stainless steel bolts, counter sunk with 8mm hex for secure lid clamp down
    • 180mm diameter OD, large 146mm ID, 122mm between bolt holes
    • High strength recycled plastic (HDPE & Delrin) is resistant to petroleum products
    • Unlike steel, recycled plastic will never rust
    • Lower cost than traditional cast iron covers
    • Light weight only 1.2kg but rated for heavy trucks
    • Load tested to AS3996 Class D traffic rating
    • Ideal for 50mm monitoring wells
    The all recycled plastic Eco180 will never rust leaving your installation work always looking good. No more finger crushing under heavy lids, the Eco180 lid is lightweight with no sharp edges.
  • Simply the best way to manage tubing for low-flow groundwater sampling

    The Rapid Reel is a simple cardboard tubing dispenser for our biodegradable tubing for low-flow sampling. Low-flow sampling has just been made easier! Simply connect the tubing to your sampling pump then deploy down the well, letting the tubing flow easily out of the Rapid Reel box. Clean and simple. Testimonials: "I used the rapid reel last time I was groundwater sampling and thought it was great. Made life so much easier, especially on the deep wells." Samantha Walsh - Landserv “I have to say, when I saw the rapid reel on your website, memories sprung to mind of countless times spent fighting soggy cardboard reels and unruly tubing. The Rapid Reel did live up to my expectations. It definitely helped keep my ute/workspace tidier, and it was quicker and easier to reel out the quantity I needed." Emmylou Cooke - Ventia
  • At last, disposable tubing for groundwater sampling which is landfill biodegradable! Landfill Biodegradable - Responsible use of Disposable Plastic Is sampling groundwater responsibly important to your business? ...then switch to 'BioTubing'. Our landfill-biodegradable tubing helps minimise plastic waste build-up in our landfills. Independent laboratory testing confirms that our BioTubing is PFC/PFAS-free, based on analysis for 28 different PFCs at extremely low detection limits. For sampling on PFAS sites HDPE tubing is often prefered. HDPE tubing is available in 1/4", 3/8", and 5/8" OD sizes. Click the 'Ordering Information' tab to see all available options for BioTubing.
  • The Mini Nondo is our budget bolt-down, flush mounted well cover. It is designed to be used for monitoring wells or for soil vapour installations. With the bolts outside the inner working space, the Mini Nondo gives you maximum internal room for such a small cover. Features:
    • 2 counter-sunk flush bolts to reduce the risk of trip hazards, as there are no protruding bolt heads
    • High strength cast iron in black epoxy
    • White powder coated lid
    • Large internal opening of 124mm (98mm Bolt head clearance)
    • Small 150mm outside diameter
    • Ideal for standard 50mm monitoring wells or soil vapour implants
  • A medium sized well cover with some big features The 180 Nondo cover contains a high quality machined cast iron lid and base, with a strong plastic skirt. It is ideal for 50mm monitoring wells and has been tested to exceed load bearing requirements for traffic suitability for Australian Standard AS3996 Class D. The small 180mm OD makes it ideal for drillers who typically use a 200mm concrete corer.  
  • Landfill Biodegradable Bailer Landfill Biodegradable - Responsible use of Disposable Plastic The BioBailerTM is a quick and easy way to sample groundwater. Simply lower the bailer into your well and it fills with water as it submerses. When you pull up to retrieve the bailer the check-valve closes, trapping approximately 1L of water inside.
  • Low Cost, No Purge Groundwater Sampler These types of samplers are fast becoming a popular method for groundwater sampling on many Australian sites. Sleeve samplers make groundwater sampling a simple, three-step operation that can be more effective than purging or low-flow sampling. The low-cost, disposable sleeve captures a core of water from any discrete interval in the screened portion of the well with no change in water level and minimal disturbance to the water column. The sleeve is sealed except during sample collection, then re-seals itself, assuring that a formation quality sample is recovered. Independent laboratory testing confirms that sleeve samplers are PFC/PFAS-free, based on analysis for 28 different PFCs at extremely low detection limits.
  • Well Development or Sampling The stainless steel bailer is ideal for both groundwater sampling & well development. The all stainless steel construction and flouropolymer (PTFE) check ball allows for rapid decontamination between wells. The tapered top is designed to avoid hang ups in the well, and smooth raising & lowering. A 45mm diameter enables it to be used in standard 50mm monitoring wells. Reusable equipment such as this helps reduce the amount of disposable waste, and adds sustainability to your operation.  
  • The fox whistle is the ultimate low cost tool you can use for measuring depth to water.  Our fox whistle is made from stainless steel, is 20mm in diameter and 200mm long.  Air is pushed through the hole in the fox whistle and when it comes into contact with water, it makes a whistling sound. A 30m tape on a windup reel is also available to order as well. Please Note - Maximum depth recommended is approximately 20m, otherwise you may not hear the whistle. Also, not recommended for use in noisy environments such as a busy road or noisy site, as again you may not hear the whistle.    
  • Measure the pH in soil easily using the Milwaukee Instruments MW101-SOIL pH meter kit. This portable meter is also suitable for use in a wide range of applications such as education, agriculture and horticulture, as well as water and environmental analysis.

    MW101 performs pH measurements with a 0.01 pH resolution and with manual temperature compensation.The meter is supplied with pH electrode and calibration solutions.

  • Bullseye is a high-purity thread compound designed for sensitive water well and other environmental drilling applications requiring the use of a petroleum hydrocarbon-free product. Bullseye is formulated from a synergistic blend of vegetable oil and non-metallic, inorganic, EP, and anti-wear additives. Bullseye provides maximum protection against galling, seizing, and damage to threads while maintaining water well integrity.
  • Milwaukee is a dynamic worldwide manufacturer of electrochemical instrumentation for water analysis to measure pH, ORP / Redox, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Turbidity, Chlorine, Ammonia, Copper, Chloride, Phosphate, Iron, etc. Milwaukee serves all markets where water quality measurements are required, such as: Laboratories, food and beverage, environmental, education and government, water and waste water treatment, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, chemical, agriculture and horticulture, hydroponics, aquariums, and swimming pools.

    Multi-Parameter: Portable Handhelds for pH, ORP, EC, TDS and temperature:

    pH/ORP: Portable Handhelds for pH, ORP and temperature:
    EC/TDS: Portable Handhelds for EC, TDS and temperature:

    Dissolved Oxygen: Portable Handhelds for DO and temperature:

    Turbidity: Portable Handheld for Turbidity:

    Photometers: Pocket Size and Portable Handheld Photometers:

    Thermometers: Portable Handhelds for Temperature:

    Bench Meters: Laboratory Bench Top Meters:

    Pocket Testers: Economy and Waterproof Pocket Testers for pH, ORP, EC, TDS and temperature:
      Low Flow Kit: Low Flow Kit for pH, ORP, EC, TDS, DO and temperature:
  • These pressure tanks are ideal for remediation projects where groundwater is to be treated with granulated activated carbon (GAC). Made of high performance composite materials, LLDPE liner with FRP filament winding outer shell, this design provides a continuous seamless inner liner shell with a fibreglass / polypropylene inlet for higher strength, temperature and pressure capabilities. A range of tank sizes are available (see table below) with diameters from 762mm to 1600mm. An LLDPE liner with FRP is also available for Industrial water filtration and softening applications. Flanged tanks are made with a continuos seamless inner liner shell with a solid anodized aluminium cast flange.  This design provides excellent strength, durability and leak free service.