The AquaPore inline filter is the world’s first biodegradable filter capsule. Having the same special patented additive as all our other landfill biodegradable products, the AquaPore filter is a disposable plastic filter which will biodegrade when discarded to a landfill. It is especially convenient when used with low-flow groundwater sampling but can also easily be used with a bailer, or with a filter flask for surface water filtering. All AquaPore filters now come with a threaded barb adapter to allow easy connection to your low-flow discharge line (3/8″ OD).

The AquaPore 800 biodegradable filter has a huge 800cm2 capacity to handle water with high turbidity, while the AquaPore 500 has a 500cm2 capacity for medium turbidity. Both filters have the same proprietary additive we use in our other biodegradable products to make them landfill biodegradable. It has been designed specifically for the preparation of groundwater samples for dissolved metals analysis and for filtering large volumes of turbid groundwater.

The AquaPore filter has been lab tested and rinsate verified for 66 trace elements complying with ANZECC recommendations.