Core Catchers for DT32 and Macro-Core BioLiners

When direct push sampling in sands or loose soils, a core catcher is recommended to be used in the BioLiner, which will stop the soil sample from falling out when retrieving from depth.
Our core catchers are 100% recycled plastic and landfill-biodegradable.


FieldTech Solutions has some great sustainable core catcher options for Geoprobe® or similar systems using BioLinersTM
Our core catchers for DT325 and Macro-Core BioLiners are not only made from 100% recycled plastic, they are landfill-biodegradable too, just like the BioLinersTM
Cut costs and use disposable plastic responsibly by using BioLiners and biodegradable core catchers.



Disposable plastic: Push-in core catcher made from 100% recycled and landfill-biodegradable plastic. Bag of 45 units
Part#: CCDT32x45
Disposable plastic: Push-in core catcher made from 100% recycled and landfill-biodegradable plastic; bag of 28.
CCDT32x45 Core catchers for DT32, pack of 45, biodegradable & recycled plastic
CCMCPk Core Catcher MC5 Liner (pk 28), biodegradable and recycled plastic
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