Biodegradable Cleaning Concentrate

Decon 90 is a highly effective decontamination and cleaning liquid which is also biodegradable.

It can be used to clean pumps, bailers, tubing, soil augers, or any sampling equipment where cross-contamination between sampling locations is a concern.

Decon 90 is highly effective on petroleum contamination such as fuels and oils, but also Strontium 90, Iodine 131, Carbon 14, Phosphorus 32, Au 198, Hg 203, Translutonium, Tantalum and radiocarbon are all handled by Decon 90.

It also caters for a wide range of problem contaminants including: Abrasives, agar algae, apiezon get bacteria, blood, distillation residues, latex, protein complexes, pus, tar, sera, silicone, grease and oil, reagents and more.

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