dipperLog SMART – Depth & Temperature Telemetry System

The dipperLog SMART is an independent, wireless, real-time data transfer system requiring no cell or Wi-Fi coverage. This turnkey system makes the data viewable on any computer, tablet or smart phone. The network allows you to deploy an unlimited amount of dipperLog SMART depth & temperature sensors in any location and collate, view and record the remote data from anywhere. This system is totally scalable to perfectly adapt to YOUR project.

dipperLog SMART Depth & Temperature sensors communicate over a cooperative mesh network within a 10km range. The sensor’s NODES will take turns and exchange data to the network coodinator (GATEWAY). Once the data has been received, the GATEWAY controls the network parameters such as data polling rate and hop counts, it will then send the data for remote viewing. Network communication is bidirectional, allowing users to manage the sensors data, control and activate/deactivate the sensors.



Features & Advantages:
The turnkey monitoring system is provided with both an Android App and a Web App to manage/control your system.

  • Native Android App/Web App
  • Analytical tools such as charts/history
  • Real-time readings and data-logging
  • Sound/speech/e-mail/SMS alarms
  • Intranet network messaging
  • Equipment control
  • Custom automation
  • Automatic barometric compensation
  • Modular
  • Low cost
  • User friendly
  • Ready to use

The dipperLog SMART system is extremely useful in projects where multiple branches of a project require access to the same data or for collaboration among multiple participants. Whether you are involved in a dewatering, construction or modelling project, this type of instant access to your data can be instrumental in bringing a project to a successful and timely completion.

There are 4 basic elements to this system:

  1. SENSOR –water depth & temperature connected via a downhole cable
  2. NODE – dedicated to each sensor
  3. GATEWAY – to collect the data
  4. TABLET – with “Sugarheld” software installed

Expand your system:

  1. REPEATER – relay for data transfer when NODES are outside transmission range
  2. PC Communication Cable and Software – for communication to the logger directly
  3. SENSOR: water depth & temperature

The dipperLog data logger is attached the NODE by a direct read cable allowing for easy data transfer from the NODE to the GATEWAY. The dipperLog is also able to collect and store data internally, simply program and start the logger on mission before deployment.

NODE:   Water Depth & Temperature

The NODE, connected by a downhole cable, is dedicated to a single sensor and is responsible for collecting and forwarding data. The water depth sensor measures hydrostatic depth and temperature and is available in various ranges from 10m/30ft to 120m/400ft. The built-in barometer allows all data transmitted to be compensated for barometric pressure influences automatically.

GATEWAY: data coordinator

This is the ultimate destination of the data flow. The GATEWAY is the network master or coordinator where pressure and temperature readings are gathered before being sent via Bluetooth to view on devices such as a tablet.  This GATEWAY is not internally powered it needs to be connected to a power source. There is a backup battery installed inside the unit, which will power the unit for approx. 5 days if there is a power outage.


The TABLET is provided with the “dipperLog SMART” software installed and configured for your network. All results of your sensors can be viewed on this TABLET simply by selecting which sensor data you wish to access.

If you wish to access your data from a remote location your TABLET will need to have access to either a Wi-Fi or cell connection to send the data to the cloud.

You can then log on the “dipperLog SMART” website, sign into your account, select desired sensors and then ”Details” from the dropdown box to view current conditions.

It can also be set up to notify you of any alarm conditions being met.

REPEATER: relay for data transfer

This member of the network acts as a relay for data transfer when adjacent NODES are outside transmission range.  This unit will forward any data received to surrounding NODES and REPEATERSin the system to complete the coverage area.

PC Communication Cable and Software: for communication to dipperLog directly

The Heron dipperLog 64 and dipperLog TOUGH can be programmed to take readings at pre-select intervals before the logger is installed in the well. This would provide a back-up of data if needed.

The NODE and REPEATER are designed to be weather proof with heavy duty casing and seals for outdoor deployment. Together they create the “spidermesh”, a stand-alone data transfer network whose size is defined only by the number of units deployed with an unlimited capacity.


dipperLog 64 : see product page for specs
dipperLog TOUGH :  see product page for specs

Power:  3x D Cell Alkaline Batteries
Weight:  2.27lbs (1029g)
Dimensions :  38cm x 12cm x 8cm (15″ x 5″ x 3″)
Hydrostatic Depth Range :  10m/30ft, 30m/100ft, 60m/200ft, 120m/400ft
Logging :  in sensor head
Sampling Rate : 15s to 900s adjustable

Weight : 0.67lbs (304g)
Dimensions : 25cm x 12cm x 7cm (10″ x 5″ x 2.5″)
Range Urban/Forest : 250m-500m (820ft-1640ft)
Range (Line of Sight) : >10km (6.2mi) direct line of sight
Power : 5V adaptor
Optional Power : Lithium-polymer backup battery
Temperature Rating : -20°C to 40°C (-4°F to 104°F)
RF Technology : SpiderMesh
Category : Master

Screen Dimensions : 18cm (7.0″)
Android OS  4.0+ (ICS, Ice Cream Sandwich), Bluetooth 2.0+, Wi-Fi, Camera, microSD card slot (recommended),
SIM card slot (recommended).

Samsung Tab E/Tab E LTE/Tab A8/S5/S6/S7, Lenovo Yoga Tab Pro

Power : 3x D Cell Alkaline Batteries
Dimensions : 38cm x 12cm x 8cm (15″ x 5″ x 3″)
Range : 250m-500m (820ft-1640ft) in high occlusion conditions 10+km (6.2+mi) line of sight

3.5mm diameter, Polyurethane jacket with 3 Mylar wrapped, Teflon™ insulated, stranded tinned copper conductors. Woven copper shielding and reinforced, stretch-resistant Kevlar
Weight : 12g/m (3.66g/ft)

H5500-4 Water Depth Node – including dipperLog SMART adapter
* -Australia (915-928 MHz)
H5000-4 Gateway – Australia (915-928 MHz)
H5515 Tablet/Software – with App installed and set up (One required per job site)
H5100-4 Repeater – Australia (915-928 MHz)
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