EOx® Sock

These convenient socks pre-filled with approximately 312.5 g of EOx® Powder. They are 38mm diameter, suitable for 50mm wells or larger.
EOx® is a granular powder of calcium peroxide that provides slow and steady oxygen release for long-term aerobic biodegradation. Suitable for enhanced aerobic biodegradation of BTEX, PAHs, DRO, MTBE, VC and other complex contaminants in soil and groundwater.

  • 17% by weight oxygen
  • Most cost effective oxygen releasing product available
  • Slowly releases oxygen:  ≥ 1 year of treatment
  • Effective for non-chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Increases pH



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A powder or slurry that provides slow, steady oxygen supply for long-term aerobic biodegradation. Download EOx Brochure 
EOxSOK2 EOx Filter Socks for 50mm wells filled with approx 312.5g EOx powder, 38mm x 555mm
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