Conductivity, Temperature & Static Levels

The Conductivity Plus enables accurate measurements of conductivity, water levels and temperatures in wells, boreholes, stand pipes and estuaries where salt water intrusion and contamination levels become a concern. Conductivity can be an early indicator of change in a water system due to fluctuations of salinity in water levels. The premium padded carry case comes included to protect your precision instrument from the elements.

The high tensile steel core measuring tape is tested for stretch resistance to ASME standards and is ideal for profiling up to 50˚C. An LCD screen displays conductivity values up to 80,000 µS and temperature range from 0˚C – 50˚C. The conductance temperature compensation coefficient is 2.0%.

Calibration of the conductivity plus is easy using readily available 1413, 5000, 12880, 111800 uS solutions, and up to 4 calibration points can be utilised. The Conductivity Plus provides a higher range of up to 250,000 μS/cm, which is the highest conductivity range on the market.