The Heron H.OIL & SM.Oil interface meters are used to measure the thickness of floating or sinking hydrocarbon products (LNAPL, PSH, DNAPL), in groundwater accurately, reliably, safely & economically.

The SM.Oil is essentially a smaller, lighter and mini-version of the industry standard H.Oil. Unlike other interface meters, the H.Oil and SM.Oil come with fully submersible probes.

Easy to Operate with Accuracy
The easy to read accurate (ASME standard) heavy duty Kynar® jacketed tape allows you to measure with confidence to 1mm resolution.

Ruggedness and Dependability
For dependable field use, it features an environmentally protected encapsulated circuit for safety and durability on an easily removable modular electronic panel. The field changeable probe makes your job more efficient.

Save Money on Repairs & Replacements
The unique flexible link between tape and probe protects the tape. Should the probe become “hung up” in the well, the link will break, saving the tape by sacrificing the less expensive replaceable probe. In addition, the core of the measuring tape used is high tensile steel with a breaking load over 300Lbs (136kg)- to further protect the instrument.

The modular constructed quick change probe and electronic panel make replacing parts fast and convenient.

Safety over a Wide Range of Gases
The industry leading H.Oil interface meter offers you the highest protection against fire and explosion.