Industrial Pressure Tanks for Groundwater Treatment

These pressure tanks are ideal for remediation projects where groundwater is to be treated with granulated activated carbon (GAC).
Made of high performance composite materials, LLDPE liner with FRP filament winding outer shell, this design provides a continuous seamless inner liner shell with a fibreglass / polypropylene inlet for higher strength, temperature and pressure capabilities.

A range of tank sizes are available (see table below) with diameters from 762mm to 1600mm. An LLDPE liner with FRP is also available for Industrial water filtration and softening applications.

Flanged tanks are made with a continuos seamless inner liner shell with a solid anodized aluminium cast flange.  This design provides excellent strength, durability and leak free service.


Industrial pressure tanks are available.

30″ – 36″ diameter 4″ – 8UN single and double (top/bottom) openings.
30″ – 36″ diameter 6″ –  Flange, single top opening.
30″ – 36″ diameter 6″ flange double (top/bottom) openings
63″ diameter 6″ Flange double (top/bottle) openings

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