Merck Milipore Stericup®, 150ml/250ml 0.45uM PVDF, Filter Units

Sterilize cell culture media with vacuum-driven Stericup® and Steritop® filters.

Sterile-filter and store 150 mL up to 1000 mL of cell culture media using trusted Stericup® filter units, which include a bottle-top filter and a receiving flask, and Steritop® bottle-top filters.
Reasons to choose Stericup® vacuum filters:

  • Faster flow rate and less clogging than many other bottle-top filters
  • Low protein binding
  • Stable design to minimize risk of tipping over
  • Easy to grip flask
  • Compact and stackable, even in tight cell culture hoods
  • Wide range of membranes and volume capacity
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  • Connections: Hose barb vacuum inlet
  • Sterilization: Gamma irradiation
  • Filtration Area: 40 cm2
  • Filter mesh:  0.45 uM
MILSCHVU01RE Stericup-HV 150ml bottle with cap,Box 12
MILSCHVU02RE Stericup-HV 250ml bottle with cap,Box 12
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