Mi605 Dissolved Oxygen / Temperature Professional Portable Meter

Mi605 is a portable, microprocessor-based, Dissolved Oxygen meter with automatic calibration and temperature compensation (ATC) specifically designed for spot sampling applications. Dissolved Oxygen measurements can be displayed in parts per million (ppm=mg/L) or in % of saturation. The temperature is indicated in Celsius from 0 to 50°C with 0.1 resolution. The meter compensates salinity and altitude automatically after manual input.

Calibration is very simple and fast: just expose the polarographic Dissolved Oxygen probe MA840, supplied with the instrument, to air and press the CAL button. No need for chemical solutions! A HOLD button allows the user to freeze the reading on the LCD.

The low battery indicator and the easy to replace screw on cap membranes make the Mi605 a compact instrument and ideal for all applications: aquaculture, wastewater, environmental and educational.

MI605 Brochure
Mi605 Instruction Manual


O2 Range 0.0 to 45.00 mg/l (ppm)
% Saturation O2 Range 0.0 to 300%
Temp Range 0.0 to 50.0°C / 32 to 122°F
O2 Resolution 0.01 mg/l (ppm)
% Saturation O2Resolution 0.10%
Temp Resolution 0.1°C
O2 Accuracy ±1.5% Full Scale
% Saturation O2 Accuracy ±1.5% Full Scale
Temp Accuracy ±0.5°C
O2 Typical EMC Deviation ±0.3 mg/l (ppm)
% Saturazione O2 Typical EMC Deviation ±3.5%
Temp Typical EMC Deviation ±0.5°C
DO Calibration automatic in saturated air
Temperature Compensation automatic, from 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F
Altitude Compensation 0 to 4000 m; 100 m resolution
Salinity Compensation 0 to 80 g/L; 1 g/L resolution
DO Probe MA840/3 (included)
Temperature Probe Included in DO probe
Environment 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F; max RH 100%
Battery Type 1 x 9V (included)
Battery Life approx. 100 hours of use
Auto-off after 4 hours of non-use
Dimensions / Weight 200 × 85 × 50 mm / 280 g (with battery)
Mi605 is supplied complete with MA840 polarographic D.O. probe with 3 meters cable, 2 spare membranes, 20 mL bottle of electrolyte solution, rugged carrying case, 9V battery and instructions.
MA9071 Refilling Electrolyte solution,
230 mL bottle
MA841 Spare membrane (5 pcs)
MA840/3 D.O. Probe
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