Milwaukee Low Flow Kit

The Milwaukee ‘Low Flow Kit’ contains everything you need for accurately monitoring water quality parameters during low-flow groundwater sampling, in a convenient and rugged carry case.
Measures the following parameters:

  • pH
  • ORP (redox)
  • EC (electrical conductivity)
  • TDS
  • DO (dissolved oxygen)
  • Temperature

Also included:

  • Flow Cell (essential for low-flow sampling)
  • Rugged Carry Case (with pick & pluck foam).
  • Pk of 5 DO Membranes
  • Various Calibration Sachets


Mi106 pH / ORP / Temperature:
Milwaukee Waterproof Meter. Supplied in a hard carrying case with MA923D/1 pH/ORP/Temp amplified probe, a 9V battery and calibration solution.  More information.
Mi306 EC/ TDS/ NaCl / Temperature:
Milwaukee Waterproof Meter. Up to 250 values in memory. Supplied in a hard carrying case with PC Mi5200 software, MA814D/1 conductivity probe, RS232 connection with 2 meter, 9V battery and calibration solution MA9060.  More information.
Mi605 DO/ Temperature:
Professional portable meter, waterproof.  More information.
The Milwaukee Low FLow Kit is a convenient and reliable multi-parameter water quality monitoring system, designed specifically for low-flow groundwater sampling at a budget price.
MILFKit1 Milwaukee low-flow kit. Water Quality kit for low-flow groundwater sampling.

  • Mi106 pH / ORP combo meter
  • Mi306 EC / TDS / NaCl combo meter
  • Mi605 DO meter
  • Flow Cell: Open top type, designed to overflow into a bucket
  • Hard carry case with high density foam
  • 20mL sachet pH 4.01 buffer
  • 20mL sachet pH 7.01 buffer
  • 2 x 20mL sachets electrode cleaning solution
  • 230mL Conductovity calibration solution (either 1413uS/cm or 12880uS/cm)
MILFCal1 Calibration set for MILFKit1.
Solutions Included: 
M10004B – pH 4.01 buffer solution (box of 25×20 mL sachet)
M10007B – pH 7.01 buffer solution (box of 25×20 mL sachet)
M10031B – 1,413 mS/cm conductivity solution (box of 25×20 mL sachet)
MA9020 – 200-275 mV ORP solution (230 mL)Optional: 
MA9070 – Zero oxygen solution (230 mL) for MW600
M10030B – 12.880 mS/cm conductivity solution (box of 25×20 mL sachet)
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