Mini Nondo 150 Flush Mounted Well Cover For Monitoring Wells and Soil Vapour Installations

The Mini Nondo is our budget bolt-down, flush mounted well cover. It is designed to be used for monitoring wells or for soil vapour installations. With the bolts outside the inner working space, the Mini Nondo gives you maximum internal room for such a small cover.


  • 2 counter-sunk flush bolts to reduce the risk of trip hazards, as there are no protruding bolt heads
  • High strength cast iron in black epoxy
  • White powder coated lid
  • Large internal opening of 124mm (98mm Bolt head clearance)
  • Small 150mm outside diameter
  • Ideal for standard 50mm monitoring wells or soil vapour implants


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The Mini Nondo well cover is made from high strength cast iron. It has a white powder coated lid, and all cast skirt. The Mini Nondo is suitable for 50mm wells or smaller, and is ideal for soil vapour installations.

Nondo Safety Lifter:
The 180 Nondo is also compatible with the Nondo Safety Lifter. The Nondo Safety Lifter / Multi Tool enables a safe way to remove our steel well cover lids, and comes with all the necessary allen keys for our well covers and TriCap well plug. The only tool you will need to access monitoring wells in the field!


Material Ductile cast iron
Weight 3.5kg
OD 150mm
ID 124mm (98mm Bolt head clearance)
Skirt length 150mm
Bolts M10 countersunk stainless steel, uses 6mm hex allen key
NondoMini: Mini Nondo well cover, cast iron, 150mm OD, 98mm ID, M10 bolts (6mm hex)
NSL-Red Nondo Safety Lifter,Red 8, 6, 4, 3 mm, 3/16″, M16 lifter
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