Nondo Maxi SMC

A Large Well Cover with Non-Metallic Lid

The Maxi Nondo well cover has a non-metallic lid, making it ideal for wells with instrumentation inside requiring data transmission through the lid, such as a telemetry system.
It has an SMC (sheet moulding compound) lid, a cast iron base ring, and a plastic skirt. The traditional looking 2-bolt design has a completely sealed lid with a unique one piece gasket to prevent any surface water ingress.

The 337mm diameter cover has an anti-slip dimpled surface on the lid, 2 bolts requiring an 8mm allen key, and a notch in the bottom of the lid to allow it to be levered off with a screwdriver.

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  • Non-metallic lid enables data signal to be easly transmitted through
  • One piece gasket seals both the lid and around bolt holes heads to prevent surface water ingress, and completely seals the well
  • No Rusting: Keep your well head looking great and clean.  The SMC lid is not only transparent to radio signals, but it  means it will not show signs of rust either
  • Plastic skirt keeps it lightweight at only 13kg


Material SMC Lid, SG ductile cast iron base, and pvc skirt
Weight 13kg
OD 337mm
ID 280mm ID, 235mm between bolt lugs
Skirt length 300mm
Bolts Two stainless steel with 8mm hex


Nondo Maxi SMC: Maxi Nondo Well Cover, 350mm, non metallic lid.
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