Simply the best way to manage tubing for low-flow groundwater sampling

  • The Rapid Reel is a simple cardboard tubing dispenser for our biodegradable tubing for low-flow sampling
  • Low-flow sampling has just been made easier
  • Simply connect the tubing to your sampling pump then deploy down the well, letting the tubing flow easily out of the Rapid Reel box
  • Clean and simple


“I used the rapid reel last time I was groundwater sampling and thought it was great. Made life so much easier, especially on the deep wells.”
(Samantha Walsh – Landserv)

“I have to say, when I saw the rapid reel on your website, memories sprung to mind of countless times spent fighting soggy cardboard reels and unruly tubing. The Rapid Reel did live up to my expectations. It definitely helped keep my ute/workspace tidier, and it was quicker and easier to reel out the quantity I needed.”
(Anonymous – Ventia)