Recycled Plastic Core Trays

Add sustainability to your core sampling

Core sample trays are now available in black recycled plastic, with optional lids, clips, and core markers.
Available sizes are HQ (4 rows per tray), PQ (3 rows per tray), and NQ (5 rows per tray).
They are lightweight yet high strength, suitable for soil or rock cores.
The recycled plastic core trays are also stackable for easy storage.
*Note: Lid, clips, and markers are not recycled plastic, only the core trays.

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  • Recycled plastic for sustainability
  • High strength for rock or soil coring
  • Stackable / nests together for easy storage
  • Lids and core markers available
  • Low cost


Model Core Diameter (mm) Single Channel width (mm) Number of Channels Net Weight
HQ 65 69 4 2.1-2.5 1070×385×70
PQ 85 92 3 2.6-3.1 1070×385×93
NQ 49 55 5 2.1-2.4 1070×385×55
COTHQRecS: Core Tray HQ, 4 row, black recycled
COTPQRecS: Core Tray PQ, 3 row, black recycled
COTNQRecS: Core Tray NQ, 5 row, black recycled
COTLIDS: Core Tray lid, plastic, white, 1070 x 385mm
COTCLIPH: Core Tray lid clip, 4 required per lid
COTMHQS: HQ Core Marker
COTMPQS: PQ Core Marker
COTMNQS: NQ Core Marker
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