Soil Vapour Implants

Soil Vapour Implants can be used for permanent or temporary installations. They can be used for soil gas sampling, air sparging, and even groundwater sampling. They are an accurate and economical way to sample soil vapour.


  • 150mm stainless steel mesh screen
  • Stepped barb connector
  • Easy to connect to Teflon (FEP) Tubing
  • Threaded weights/anchor points also available
  • Various options for surface connections including push on cap, brass sealing gas plus, or threaded connector.
    Download brochure for full options


These popular mesh implants come with a barb on top to connect to 1/4” Teflon® tubing. A threaded bottom connection allows connection to a weight to pull the implant down during installation. The SVPT95-6 implant has a special reverse thread to connect to an anchor point for use with Geoprobe® rods.

The implant mesh allows easy passage of the soil vapours to pass in from the target zone into the tubing. The barb allows leak free and tool-less connection of the Teflon® or other similar tubing up to the surface. A range of surface connection fittings are available to provide flexibility to various connection methods at the surface.

Installation involves drilling or augering a hole down to the target zone, placing in an implant with connected tubing. Then backfilling around the implant with sand and gravel pack across the target zone. Finally filling back in with soil and or bentonite to make a seal from the surface. The top end of the tubing is where the soil vapour sample is drawn from. When not in use keep this capped.

Do I need a weight?

Due to the coiled Teflon® tubing acting like a spring, it can bind on the sides of the bore. For shallow installations of a few metres, a weight may not be necessary. For deeper installations a weight is recommended to pull the implant down to the bottom.

SVIFTS-6 SS implant, 150mm long with barb, threaded bottom connection for weights, 1/4″ barb
SVIFTSWSS Stainless Steel weight for SVIFTS-6 soil vapour implant, 22mm
SVPT95-6 Stainless steel mesh implant, reverse thread, 150mm long screen with barb connector at top. For use with Geoprobe® tooling
EC873301 Red push on cap
SVK1B Brass sealing cap with push on fitting
R20003-0402 1/8” BSP male thread push on fitting
SLB400C Swagelok cap to fit a Summa Cannister. In brass or stainless.
TT33-15 Teflon® Tubing, 1/4” OD, 15m roll, clear FEP
TT33-60 Teflon® Tubing, 1/4” OD, 60m roll, clear FEP
Nondo Mini Mini Nondo well cover, cast iron, 150mm OD, bolt down, oring seal
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