Sub Slab Vapour Pins

Used for vapour sampling beneath a concrete slab, and monitoring of vapour intrusion.  Individual parts and kits are available for order.  Please view brochure below or email us via the enquiries tab below for more information.

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Vapour Pin

The hollow vapour pin is designed to be installed into a 16 mm diameter hole through a concrete slab. It protrudes out the bottom of the slab to allow vapours to be drawn up through the middle of it. The pins can be extracted and reused.

The pins are inserted into position using a silicon sleeve.  This forms a seal between the slab and the Vapour Pin.  A push on cap keeps the pin sealed off when not in use.

Stainless Steel Covers. 

To cover the hole over when not in use, Pin Covers are used. These simple to install small covers allow pedestrians and small vehicles the ability to continue to access the area without disturbing the hole.

Silicon Sleeves

Used to form a seal between the vapour pin and the slab.

Red push on cap, non-secure plastic cover
Push-on caps for Soil vapour pin (10 pk)
Installation and Extraction Tool.
Driver Tool for Secure Covers
   Brush to clean newly drilled holes
Tollbox for Vapour Pin Kit
SVEPSS SS vapour Pin for 1/4″ ID tubing
SVECoSS Stainless Steel  Secure Cover for Soil Vapour Pin
SVEST-10 Silicon tubing, 40mm long (10 pack)
KEC24-10 Plastic Covers for temporary use or non traffic areas (10 pack)
Installation tools
SVEPIEFTS-HD Installation Extraction Tool
SVPSpan Spanner for Metal Covers
SVEDG Drilling guide for the 5/8″(16mm) hole in centre of 1 1/2″  (38mm) hole.
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