TriCap-Log, for groundwater level loggers

The TriCap-LOG has been specifically designed for use with submersible groundwater level logging devices. Just like the TriCap-GAS, the hollow shaft intersects a horizontal side hole through the shaft near the bottom. An elbow fitting installed in the top enables the well to be vented to the atmosphere. Attach optional tubing to allow the vent port to be raised up above any surface water and prevent it from flowing into the well through the vent. A stainless spring clip is also provided for easy logger attachment.

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The Tricap-Log is the perfect choice for use with submersible groundwater logging devices.  It features an elbow fitting which vents the well to atmosphere, and a unique stainless spring clip for easy logger attachment.

The TriCap is made from recycled plastic for sustainability and enables a groundwater monitoring well to be sealed and locked.

The TriCap-Log provides:
• Strong protection for your monitoring wells
• Self locking option with additional stainless steel security bolt, using a special key tool or allen key
• Vented to atmosphere ensures more accurate data collection, especially when using a barometric pressure datalogger
• Elbow has a 4mm push-lock fitting to allow vent port to be elevated by attaching vent tube
• Stainless steel spring clip for easy logger & hanger cable attachment with 4.5kg (10lb) load
• Hanger cable holes on bottom end of shaft
• Fully sustainable, made from recycled plastic waste
• Wide rubber ring provides a water tight seal

Tricap Log – Waterproof Venting Option

The addition of the hydrophobic filter to the Tricap-Log prevents water from being able to run back down the vent into the well.

The hydrophobic filter will let the well bore equlibriate with the atmospheric pressure.  Should surface water submerse the filter it will block off any flow until the water dissipates. The filter will then dry and allow the well to breath again.

• Filter can be close-coupled to the well cap for easy installation
• Filter can be mounted on extension tube to lift filter up out of the well head region
• Rated to over 5m of submergence
• No tools required to install, simple push in connection
• Can be added at any time

TriCapLog TriCap for logging devices, 50mm wells, vented, ss spring clip
TriCapLFCCxm TriCap Log, hydrophobic filter, with Xm of tubing
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