TruBlue 585 CTD Logger – Conductivity, Temperature & Depth

585 CTD – Taking Precision to a whole new level

The next generation of transducer-loggers has arrived.
The TruBlue series combines precision, performance, and rugged reliability like no other instrument available today.

Choose from either vented or non-vented systems, titanium or stainless steel, ETFE (Teflon®) or polyurethane cables. The vented cables have a cleverly designed hydrophobic filter built-in to the top of the cable. This stops moisture from entering the vent tube without the need to use desiccant capsules. The hydrophobic filter does not need to be changed.

Superfast logging of up to 5 readings per second is possible with all units, making it ideal for slug & pump tests.

F e a t u r e s :

  • Level Accuracy of ±0.1% FS TEB (total error band)*
  • Five year permanent battery
  • Fully sealed design
  • Narrow 18mm diameter
  • EC range from 5 to 200,000uS/cm (see PDF for full specifications)
  • USB download cable
  • Two year warranty
  • 8 MB internal memory
  • User-friendly TruWare software for PC or Mobile
  • Easy set-up and data retrieval
  • Displays real-time instrument status and data graphs
  • Calibration report included with each instrument

Download 585 CTD Brochure

*Accuracy is stated as total error band (TEB). This includes the combined errors due to non-linearity, hysteresis, non-repeatability and thermal effects.


TruBlue 585 CTD – Instrumental in Understanding our Environment

With the highly accurate KPSI level transducers, Pressure Systems has long set the standard for top quality environmental monitoring instruments. Now the next generation of logging transducers (the TruBlue series) combines precision, performance, and rugged reliability like no other instrument available today. Designed to deliver time and time again in even the harshest conditions, the 585 CTD adds monitoring conductivity to it’s list of parameters. The TrueBlue 585 CTD is battery powered and made with titanium or 316 stainless steel. Its fully sealed design and advanced, power-conserving microcomputer technology enables it to log Conductivity, level (depth) and temperature for up to five years. Since these units do not require onsite power, nor a programmable logic controller (PLC), a terminal box isn’t necessary. The TruBlue 585 CTD is the perfect choice when reliability and precision matter.

Non Vented Option:
We generally encourage users to choose a vented system because of the greater accuracy of level data produced, and also the convenience of being able to download and program the logger without disturbing it in the water column. With the TruBlue’s unique hydrophobic filter cabling system, traditional risks of moisture ingress in a vented system have been addressed. However there may be instances where a non-vented (absolute pressure) system is preferred. In these cases a separate barometric logger is required (BARO-575). Please call or email us if you require more clarification on the differences between vented and non-vented systems and which is the best choice for your application.

Download Baro 575 Brochure

Vented 585 Level:Vented ranges:- 5psi (3m), 15psi (10m), 22psi (15m), 30psi (21m), 50psi (35m), 100psi (70m), 125psi (87m), 300psi (211m)
*also choose vented cable length in either poly or teflon (ETFE)
Non-Vented 585 Level:Non-vented (absolute pressure) ranges:- 30psi (10m), 50psi (23m), 100psi (56m), 125psi (72m), 300psi (188m).
*Non vented loggers require a backshell and the use of a barometric datalogger (Baro 575)
Comms cables:Communication cables with USB & RS485 termination
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