Waterra Footvalves

Turn your BioTubing into a groundwater pump

Waterra footvalves or inertial pumps have long been a reliable and effective way to sample groundwater. They consist of a one-way checkvalve which connects to a length of BioTubing. Oscillating the tubing up and down in the well produces a flow of water. The tubing can also be connected to external pumps such as the Waterra Powerpack or PowerPump. Waterra footvalves can be a great sampling solution for narrow diameter wells.

Fieldtech Solutions stock a range of the most popular sizes such as the D25, D32, and D16 footvalves. Each of these can connect to our BioTubing which allows it to function as a manual groundwater pump.



Waterra Footvalve features:

  • Self tapping male or female threads for quick installation and connection to tubing
  • Ball contained in valve for quick sealing and fast valve reaction
  • Constructed from organic resistant materials
  • Inexpensive and reliable
  • Suitable for well development, purging, sampling and VOC sampling

Surge Blocks for Well Development:

Surge blocks are excellent well development tools.  They fit over the Waterra footvalves, increasing the diameter of the footvalves.  This reduces the gap between the footvalves and the inner wall of the well.  As a result there is a significant increase of surging action in the well.  We stock surge blocks for 50mm and 100mm wells for both D25 and D32 footvalves.

D25 Waterra footvalve for 5/8″ (16mm) OD tubing, plastic
D32 Waterra footvalve for 1″ (25mm) OD tubing, plastic
D16 Waterra footvalve for 1/2″ (12.5mm) ID tubing, plastic
WSBD25 Surge block suitable for D25 footvalve
WSBD32 Surge block suitable for D32 footvalve
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