Waterra Hydrolift Pump

Product ID WaterraPP1-1

The Hydrolift is a portable, 240v operated electric device that is used to automate the operation of the Waterra Pump System. This actuator is perfect for purging and sampling 50mm diameter monitoring wells up to 60m deep. In special circumstances it can lift up to 90m. This electrical Tubing Actuator is optimized to operate with the Standard Flow System up to its maximum effective depth and will operate with the High Flow System up to a depth of 45m.

This Tubing Actuator is the ideal choice for the frequent user of the Waterra Pumping System with moderate to extreme pumping requirements (Low, Standard and High Flow). Using the Hydrolift will result in a big boost to your field sampling program.

The Hydrolift is powered by a 3/4 horsepower (560 watts) electric motor and generates a 4 inch (10 cm) stroke at up to 140 cycles per minute. The Hydrolift weighs about 16 kg and requires an electrical power supply of at least 1000 watts. *Please note the Hydrolift requires a generator to power it.

See image 2 for an animation on how the system works.

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  • Fully adjustable — the Hydrolift is fully adjustable and will adapt to almost any size casing or protective well casing and can also be used with flush grade well completions
  • Anchored discharge end of tubing — the Hydrolift supports the Waterra Tubing and also anchors the discharge end of the tubing facilitating sample collection.
  • Great for use when developing monitoring wells
  • Reduces fatigue — the use of this automated Waterra Pump System Tubing Actuator will eliminate the fatigue that can be experienced on large monitoring programs
  • Hinged tubing clamp
  • Suitable for use with Low, Standard Flow and High Flow Waterra Pumping Systems
  • Adapts to almost any size casing or protective well casing


Dimensions 38cm L x 51cm H x 18cm W
Weight 17.25kg
Powered by 3/4 horsepower (560 watts) electric motor 6 amps
3/4 hp (560 watts)
Requires 240v Electrical power supply of minimum 1000 watts
Power generated Generates a 4 inch (10 cm) stroke at up to 140 cycles per minute
Actuator Stroke 4 inches (10 cm)
0 – 140 cycles per minute


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