WC100Gas, 100mm Well plug for Landfill and Vapour Monitoring

The WC100Gas provides:

  • Strong protection for your 100mm monitoring wells
  • Excellent tool for sampling and monitoring landfill gas or volatiles
  • Hangar cable holes on the bottom end of shaft



The WC100GAS has a quick connect gas fitting and dust cap installed on the top, enabling gas in the well to be monitored or sampled with a gas instrument or suitable pump. The WC100Gas can also be locked in place with a padlock or by using a security screw or both for extra security.  It has a large wing nut, designed to make it easier to tighten or release the plug .  It comes with a ring below so you can hang/attach tubing, skimmers or sleeve samplers in the well.

WC100GAS Gascap for 100mm pipe, white, 100% Nylon, for gas extraction.
TriCap-GQC Female quick-connect fitting for the TriCap-GAS
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