WC25Gas, 25mm Well Cap for Landfill and Vapour Monitoring

The WC25Gas  provides:

  • A gas extraction well plug option for 25mm wells.
  • Strong protection for your monitoring wells
  • Excellent tool for sampling and monitoring landfill gas or volatiles
  • Hangar cable holes on the bottom end of shaft



The WC25Gas has a quick connect gas fitting and dust cap installed on the top, enabling gas in the well to be monitored or sampled with a gas instrument or suitable pump. The WC25Gas has a partially hollow shaft that intersects a horizontal side hole near the bottom.  This allows the well gas to be drawn in through the side hole and out the top. The side hole also serves to hang sampling or monitoring devices off the bottom of the cap while at the same time gas samples can be taken out through the shaft and out the gas quick connect fitting.

WC25GAS Gascap for 25mm pipe, green, recycled plastic, for gas extraction.
TriCap-GQC Female quick-connect fitting for the TriCap-GAS
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