Well Plug for 100mm Monitoring Wells

Constructed of recycled composite glass-filled polymer which is stronger than steel pound for pound, the 100mm well plug is designed for years of worry-free use. The wing nut design with a recessed grip allows a padlock (not included) to be easily installed. The 100mm well plug has a tethering attachment at the base for use with a variety of instruments, features no metal parts, and can be disassembled for easy decontamination.

The standard well plug and GasCap is available for 100mm wells.


The 100mm well plug is manufactured from a recycled composite glass filled polymer that will not corrode, and is stronger than steel, pound for pound.

The  center locking mechanism allows a padlock to be secured in a variety of positions, offering more flexibility in applications with limited space.

Other Features:

  • Easily disassembled for decontamination to allow repeated use
  • Chemical and temperature resistant properties
  • Tethering attachment at base for a variety of instruments
  • Wing nut design with recessed grip allows easy manipulation
  • High visibility “eco-friendly” safety color
  • No metal parts
WC100Grn Well cap for 100 mm pipe, recycled plastic
WC100GAS Gascap for 100mm pipe, white, gas extraction fitting with dust cap.
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