Screen and Casing Bore Pipe for Monitoring Well Installations

Cut your costs for well installation and operate more sustainably on site.

Each pair of 3m lengths of pipe is sleeved in biodegradable plastic, which means the sleeve will biodegrade away when disposed to a landfill, allowing you to help reduce the amount of plastic waste build-up.

Most environmental screen and casing is wrapped in conventional plastic but this is adding to our plastic waste problem. The FieldTech Solutions Wellscreen is wrapped in biodegradable plastic preventing further plastic waste. We also use biodegradable packing tape in our shipments.

50mm casing and screen is made from uPVC and to class 18 size and is manufactured following the Australian Standard for Monitoring Wells. Each piece has a coarse male/female thread for easy field assembly and is o’ring sealed.

Our biodegradable plastic wrapping:

  • Will only biodegrade once in a microbe rich environment such as a landfill
  • Does not require high oxygen or temperature to biodegrade such as in a commercial compost
  • Helps you to operate more sustainably