We are eco-conscious people

with 25 years of experience

FieldTech Solutions was co-founded by Ross Headifen and John Mancarella, both passionate about the environment and sustainability. Between them, they have been supplying environmental equipment for more than 25 years to the groundwater, and contaminated land related industries.

Noticing the industries increasing use of disposable products and the rising prices, we embarked on a mission to bring a new approach to the industry. One that would deliver and manufacture cost-effective products using recovered and recycled materials where practical.

“We believe our generation’s discarded waste should not be left for future generations to deal with and resources should not be unnecessarily wasted now, depriving our future generations of their use” states Ross.

We also wanted to tackle the issue of high levels of single-use plastic sampling and monitoring equipment sent to landfills. That’s when we introduced to the market a range of landfill-biodegradable products, a technology that is now used across 25 countries. The innovative technology is made by combining traditional plastic with an organic additive and has the benefits of it being recyclable, but once disposed to landfill, biodegradation is accelerated approximately 90+% faster than conventional plastics; biodegrading into an organic matter, producing a natural fertiliser and no microplastics.

A major benefit of this technology is that the faster biodegradation in a landfill means the methane can be captured within the timeframe the landfill is actively managed, rather than being released into the atmosphere over hundreds of years after the landfill has closed and stopped being managed. This methane captured can also be used for fuel and energy production – waste to energy.

Our position on plastics

We believe if single-use plastics must be used then they should be made to be recyclable or to biodegrade where they will be disposed of – in a landfill, commercial or home compost facility, in line with the 2025 National Plastic Plan.

As well as being innovators in landfill-biodegradable plastic waste, we are also determined to reduce our own business operations carbon footprint to help tackle climate change. In 2018, we installed a solar system on our warehouse roof, which generates more than 125% of the electricity needed for their entire operations over a 12 month period. This equates to over 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions being saved per year.

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“I believe FieldTech Solutions’ initiative will make a big difference in the industry. The irony of contributing to the pollution problem with single-use disposable sampling equipment in order to clean up the planet has bothered me for many years. The availability of these biodegradable products is a big step towards reducing the problem.”

Dodz A David, AECOM Australia

“Just wanted to let you know the materials have arrived on site already and have been perfect to collect the tricky samples. Thanks again for brainstorming the best options and going out of your way to finding a small courier service, really appreciate it.”

Michelle Agnew, Cardno