FieldTech Solutions is a company formed by eco-conscious people who have been supplying environmental equipment for the last 25 years to the groundwater, and contaminated land related industries.

As well as the plastic waste issue that our ‘Plastic Waste Reduction products are trying to address, we are also determined to reduce our carbon footprint to help tackle climate change. In 2018 we installed a solar photovoltaic system on our warehouse roof, which generates more than 125% of the electricity needed for our entire operations over a 12 month period. This equates to over 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions being saved per year.

Noticing the increasing use of disposable products that have entered the industry and the rising prices, FTS embarked on a mission to bring a new approach to the industry. One that would deliver cost effective products using sustainable materials where practical in our manufacturing.
We believe our generation’s discarded waste should not be left for future generations to deal with and resources should not be unnecessarily wasted now, depriving our future generations of their use.

To help try to achieve this we are:

  • Designing & manufacturing new products with some unique features and great improvements over similar existing products

  • Using recycled plastic where possible instead of virgin plastic. A very large proportion of plastic goes to landfill never to biodegrade and never to be used again. This is a waste of valuable resources that need not occur. Using recycled plastic to manufacture products that need to be strong & durable such as well caps or Standpipe Covers, brings new life to this otherwise lost resource.

  • Using ‘landfill-biodegradable’ plastic where possible during manufacturing instead of non-biodegrading plastic for disposable products (single-use sampling products such as bailers and soil liners). Landfill-biodegradable plastic has a shelf life just like any other plastic; however when it is disposed to a landfill with natural microorganisms present, then unlike a conventional plastic that will last for 100’s of years or more, this biodegradable plastic will be digested in a few years.

  • Where items are normally sealed in plastic for cleanliness and sample integrity (eg. A disposable bailer for groundwater sampling), we use landfill-biodegradable plastic.

  • Shipping products using cardboard boxes, paper, and biodegradable packing tape. We use paper as filler wherever possible rather than plastic bubble wrap that would only have a working life of a few hours then lying dormant in a landfill for 100’s of years.

Today many companies and large corporations are required to show sustainable practices in their operations. Companies that use environmental monitoring as part of their reporting procedure will greatly benefit from using our products.

If you want quality products for your environmental work and also care about what our consumption habits have become then we invite you to try the FieldTech Solutions range of products.