Welcome to FieldTech Solutions

Fieldtech Solutions are makers and suppliers of sustainable products for the environmental industry. Wherever possible we use material such as recycled plastic or landfill-biodegradable plastic in our products.

“I believe FieldTech Solutions’ initiative will make a big difference in the industry.  The irony of contributing to the pollution problem with single-use disposable sampling equipment in order to clean up the planet has bothered me for many years.  The availability of these biodegradable products is big step towards reducing the problem.”

Dodz A David, AECOM Australia

“Just wanted to let you know the materials have arrived on site already and have been perfect to collect the tricky samples. Thanks again for brainstorming the best options and going out of your way to find a small courier service, really appreciate it.”

Michelle Agnew, Cardno

The total world plastic production in the first decade of this century has roughly equalled the total plastic production of the entire 20th century. However what has gone almost unnoticed is the disposal problem this has made and continues to make. We now have millions of tons of plastic to dispose of every year. In fact around 30 million tons in the USA, 5 million tons in the UK, and for a small population like Australia over 1.5 million tons of plastic waste is disposed of each year. Unfortunately most of this goes to landfill with only a small percentage being recycled. This is unsustainable, and the problem will only get worse unless we change our consumer habits. As well as more recycling being needed, we believe if single-use plastic must be used then it should be made to biodegrade where it will be disposed to.

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