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Recycle your used tubing here

To take sustainability one step further, Fieldtech Solutions is now able to offer a recycling service for used LDPE tubing!

Victorian consultants or others with sampling events in Melbourne, simply return your used BioTubing here after your groundwater sampling and we will send it to a local recycling company we’ve partnered with who can recycle it onsite. To help offset any extra effort needed to return the tubing here for recycling, we will offer a $5 discount off replacement rolls (off the ‘List’ or RRP only) if ordered at the time of returning your used tubing.

Help kick-start the circular economy and add sustainability to your groundwater monitoring events and operations by ensuring your LDPE tubing is recycled.

*Please note that tubing exhibiting noticeable odours & vapours from contaminated groundwater is unable to be accepted by the recycler for health and safety reasons.

*Note: LDPE tubing is not shipped offshore or stockpiled, it is recycled onsite in Victoria and made into other products.

Enquiries: sales@fieldtechsoln.com