The InsiteIG Portable Meter is a unique instrument that combines advanced electronics with exceptional functionality and ease of use. The meter will accept any standard portable DO, SS, pH, or ORP sensor and will automatically configure itself for the correct operation. The quick-disconnect, mil-spec connectors allow for quick sensor swaps. The meter includes a 250 point data logger that records sensor type, sensor reading, date, time, and location. The included Portalog software offers several sort options to customize the downloading and reporting of collected data. The rechargeable batteries allow for 8+ hours of use between charges.

IPM Display

The InsiteIG PortaCaddie is an optional organizational tool, available to purchase with each sensor, that captures the meter along with the sensor and cable. The PortaCaddie is designed to manage the cable to eliminate tangles while using the system in the field. The meter, sensor, and cable are retained securely during transport and are easily deployed at the desired test location. The rugged design was built specifically for the rigors encountered by field instrumentation. The PortaCaddie was designed to offer a level of protection to the meter, sensor, and cable.

IPM Brochure

IPM user Manual