Biodegradable Bladders

Landfill Biodegradable Bladders are now available!

Low-Flow Sampling has been the preferred method of choice for many years now in Australia for groundwater sampling. Now you can use disposable bladders responsibly by choosing our landfill biodegradable bladders.

Fieldtech Solutions has developed biodegradable* concertina style bladders, and also tube style bladders for 2 of the most popular low-flow groundwater sampling pumps. These bladders have the same biodegradable additive as our other disposable sampling products so that they will biodegrade once disposed to a landfill.

Independent laboratory testing confirms that our bladders are PFC/PFAS-free, based on analysis for 28 different PFCs at extremely low detection limits.


These polyethylene bladders will biodegrade in a landfill as per ASTM D5511, and are specifically designed for low-flow groundwater sampling pumps which use concertina style bladders, or tube style bladders.
Available in a pack of 10 or 12, they are convenient and easy to change in the field.

BBKSP10 Biodegradable bladder kit, concertina style, pack of 10, in biodegradable zip-lock bag
BBKGT12 Biodegradable bladder kit, tube style, pack of 12.
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