Pre-Packed Wellscreen

The best way to guarantee sand is located directly around your well screen.

Our prepacked screen has stainless steel mesh surrounding the pvc slotted screen. Sand is packed between the slotted PVC and the stainless steel mesh. Since the sand is packed around the slotted PVC before the well screen is installed, using prepack screens ensures that you will have sand located directly around the well screen. It also makes well installation quicker and more efficient than traditional methods.

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PVC Screen
Overall Length 1550mm
Internal Diameter (ID) 50.45mm
Outside Diameter (OD) 63.35mm
PVC Type 50mm Class 18
Slot dimensions 0.5mm at mm aperture
Thread type 4 TPI male/female
Prewashed Yes
Woven Stainless Steel Mesh
Woven mesh type 60 mesh plain weave
Wire diameter 0.16mm
Mesh aperture approximately 0.263mm
Mesh material Stainless steel grade 304
Tube height 1,460mm
Tube ID 72mm
Tube finish Seam Weld to cylinder on overlap, ends as cut
Overall assembled and packed OD not greater than 78mm
Stainless Steel Clamps Preformed Stainless Steel (grade 201) clamp – Vibration resistant lip wrap lock design
Gravel 2mm graded sand pack
End Caps Use the FlexiPoints with BS326 oring added


PPS15-020-05SS1 Prepack screen, 2in ID x 2.8in OD (71.12mm) x 5ft x S40 .010 8P (0.25mm slots), Stainless Steel Mesh on PVC Well Screen
PPS100 Prepack screen, 100 mm ID, 1.5 m long, 140 mm max OD M/F.
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