200 Nondo Class E Flush Mount Groundwater Well Cover

A Class E Rated Cover for 100mm Wells

The 200 Nondo contains high quality machine cast iron lid and base, with a strong plastic skirt. It is ideal for 100mm monitoring wells and has been tested to exceed load bearing requirements for traffic suitability for Australian Standard AS3996 Class E, which is typically for heavy duty applications.

The large 250mm OD, 200mm ID (164mm between bolt holes) makes the 200 Nondo ideal for remediation wells, or in situations where a ‘GasClam’ sensor is to be installed.

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The 200 Nondo well cover is made from SG (spheroidal graphite) cast iron, with a plastic skirt and and is suitable for 100mm monitoring wells. It has been load tested by an independent laboratory to Australian Standard AS3996 Class D & Class E. The traditional looking 2-bolt design has a completely sealed lid with a unique one piece gasket to prevent any surface water ingress. The white lid allows for well ID information to be recorded on the underside.
A large 164mm opening gives plenty of room in the well head for hands & sampling equipment.
Lid removal is made safe and easy with the Nondo Safety Lifter. If you do not have a Nondo Safety Lifter, a small notch in the bottom of the lid allows it to be levered off with a screwdriver.


  • One piece gasket seals both the lid and around bolt holes heads to prevent surface water ingress, and completely seals the well
  • Bottom sealed bolt holes with removable grub screws for easy bolt hole cleaning if necessary. This ensures ultimate sealing from surface water ingress
  • Plastic skirt keeps it lightweight at only 6kg
  • 2 counter sunk head flush bolts with 8mm hex
  • 250mm diameter OD, large 200mm ID, 164mm between bolts
  • Easy lid removal. The Nondo Safety Lifter (see video below) allows for easy lid removal, eliminates the need for sharp tools and avoids injury to fingers
  • White powder coated lid for an attractive finish, and also enables well ID information to easily be marked on the underside of lid


Material SG ductile cast iron lid, base, and skirt
Weight 6kg
OD 250mm
ID 200mm ID, 164mm between bolts
Skirt length 200mm
Bolts Two stainless steel with 8mm hex
Load Rating Exceeds rating in AS 3996 Class D & E

Nondo Safety Lifter:

The 200 Nondo is also compatible with the Nondo Safety Lifter. The Nondo Safety Lifter / Multi Tool enables a safe way to remove our steel well cover lids, and comes with all the necessary allen keys for our well covers and TriCap well plug. The only tool you will need to access monitoring wells in the field!

Nondo200: 200 Nondo Well Cover, 250mm OD, 164mm ID, cast iron with plastic skirt, AS3996 Class E load rating for traffic use. 2 bolts, with gasket to seal, uses 8mm hex.
NSL-Red: Nondo Safety Lifter,Red, includes 8mm, 6mm, 4mm, 3mm, 3/16″, M16 lifter
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