Bailer Twine

Disposable Bailer Cord

Our disposable bailer cord is mainly used to deploy bailers and sleeve samplers.  Made from polypropylene, it is well suitable for all types of ground water sampling.
The 2.5mm diameter twine is packaged in a convenient 100m spool and also made in Australia.
It has a manufacturers stated break load of approximately 195kg, so can be used for a range of applications.


Disposable bailer twine, made from multi filament polypropylene.
2.5mm diameter x 100m reel.

Manufacturers stated break load of approximately 195kg, (Tested as per AS4142.2-1993).
Note:  The break load should never be considered as the safe working load of the rope.

VBCD120RW1PP Bailer Cord, Polypropylene, 2.5mm X 100m reel
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