The Heron Instruments barLog, barometric logger is used to automatically compensate readings stored on the dipperLog for changes in barometric pressure. The barLog, with readings every 1 hour and a memory capacity of 32,000 data points,  is recommended for long term monitoring or where more than one logger is deployed withing in a 5 km radius.

The dedicated, intuitive software makes the dipperLog quick and easy to program and launch. Simply recover your data, save your findings in a tabular display and graph, view both parameters side by side in a split screen.

Use the Heron Instruments’ barLog alongside your dipperLog Groundwater Data Logger for the most accurate data possible. Add a barLog to your quote for the dipperLog TOUGH, dipperLog 64, or dipperLog 32.

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  • Memory – 32,000 data points (barometric readings)
  • Download Speed – 32,000 data points in 90 seconds
  • Battery – up to 10 years (depending on usage)
  • Calibration Certificate provided with each logger
  • Machined, 316 marine grade stainless steel body and transducer
  • Able to convert deployment options easily in the field