Designed for applications such as Aquifer Injection, Groundwater Monitoring, Methane gas control or collection (typical in landfills and mines), Vacuum sampling at or below Leachate pads, Formation pressure monitoring, and Vadose zone sampling and injection.

The Environmental Packer is a Fixed-End Style Packer manufactured using either Neoprene, EPDM or Viton® rubber gland element and Type 304 or Type 316 stainless steel.


  • Remediation / Groundwater Injection
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Methane gas control or collection in landfills and/or mines
  • Monitoring formation pressures
  • Vacuum sampling under leachate pads
  • Vadose zone sampling and injection


Instructions to set the packer:

* WARNING: Never inflate this packer unless it is confined in a cased well. Maximum internal pressure must not exceed 200 psi.

1. Lower Packer into the well and inflate (with either inert gas or water) to the static head above the packer (distance from the packer to the water level x .43).
2. Inflate to 25 psi. This pressure will expand the gland to the well size.
3. Inflate to 20% of the maximum possible differential across the Packer. Be sure to use an accurate pressure gauge.

Example: The Packer is set at 100 feet and the water level is at the top of the well. If you withdraw all the water below the Packer, the differential would be 43 psi. In step 3, you would add 9 psi.

Monitoring equipment such as Pressure Transducers, Thermistors, Conductivity Probes, pH Probes, or injections ports are common uses with perforated pipe for injection testing. Testing equipment can include Bladder Pumps, Electric or Piston Pumps for pump out testing at various depths and with the ability to isolate various zones.