Passive skimmers for fuel removal

The KV Passive Skimmers utilize a patented membrane material to separate fuel from water.
Subsurface fuel spills are recovered by membrane separation so the fuel simply falls into the passive “bailer” reservoir. These fuel bailers easily recover LNAPL such as petrol and diesel from groundwater.

The KV skimmers have many advantages that optimize hydrocarbon removal such as:

  • Removal of floating hydrocarbon using advanced membrane technology
  • Require no power, no moving parts
  • The skimmer floats when empty so it is ready to fill
  • Excellent for contaminant drawdown calculations
  • Minimal to no maintenance required
  • Recovers to a sheen
  • Comes with 2.7m of stainless steel hanger cable attached
  • Suitable for 50mm or 100mm diameter wells (see dimensions below)