Viridian Pumps

Landfill Leachate, and Remediation Pumps: – Fully Automatic, Float Actuated Pumps

The Viridian range of pumps (VP Pumps) are designed specifically for pumping landfill leachate, landfill gas condensate and contaminated groundwater. As no down-well level control device is required, the VP pumps lend themselves to being part of a multi-well pumping system. This makes overall system control very simple. With minimal training, the site personnel quickly become confident with both pump and system.

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Available in a range of sizes and variations, and capable of discharging up to 1.1 litres of liquid per cycle. The bottom-filling versions are specifically designed for the harsh conditions of pumping landfill leachate.
Available as a top loading version, for groundwater remediation applications, as well as a short version, and the ‘LDD’ (low drawdown) when minimum liquid head is vital. The VP2 and VP3 range has a reduced discharge capacity but it is ideal for smaller borehole sizes.

As the VP pumps are driven by compressed air, a multi-well system would have an air-main connecting each pump – a far safer power source than electricity cables and less costly. VP Pumps also do not require an external form of control.

Pulse Counters, for volume and flow rate measurement also available.
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VP Pumps Range

VP Pumps Range

Unrivalled Engineering:
The materials of construction have been selected for the harsh environment in which they are working, such as aggressive media, high-temperature and suspended solids. For these reasons materials of construction include:
•316L Stainless Steel •17/4 Stainless Steel
•PEEK •PTFE (Teflon®) •UHMW PE
•FPM (Viton®) •PVDF (Kynar®)
•Syntactic •GRP

Corrosion & Temperature Resistance:
Exceptional corrosion & temperature resistance due to the highest quality
materials of construction which includes:

    • 316L Stainless Steel for all major metal parts & fasteners
    • 17/4 Stainless Steel for magnetic parts
    • PEEK rocker assembly
    • PTFE (Teflon®) discharge check valve ball
    • UHMW PE actuator rod & inlet check valve shuttle
    • FKM (Viton®) for all ‘o’-ring seals
    • PVDF (Kynar®) for minor plastic parts
    • Syntactic high performance float, collapse rating 4000 psi @ 175°F, max. operating temp. 250°F
    • FRP high performance filament wound epoxy composite casing, max operating temp. 250°F, tested to 800 psi @ 175°F
    • 316L Stainless Steel casing available on request

Better by Design:

    • Solid, machined pump head with integral discharge check valve
    • No penetrations through the centre discharge tube meaning no air leakage into discharge
    • Solid machined bottom check valve assembly with minimal parts, exceptional rigidity and easy disassembly
    • Solid domed bottom end to aid installation and deflect gas
    • Rocker arms are not prone to stress-cracking
    • Air inlet and exhaust valves secured with cotter-pins
    • Discharge check valve ball easy to replace
    • Pressure tested to 800 psi @ 175°F
    • Compatible with I-Fit couplings or standard hose-barbs
    • Exceptionally rugged construction
    • ATEX Zone 1 certified
Liquid Inlet PositionBottomTopBottomTopBottomTopBottomTop
Max Flow Rate (Litres/Hr)>2880>2100>1200>1200>1200>1000>475>400
Volume Per Cycle (Litres)0.9-1.10.9-
Pump Length (mm)1005110058074011201190945995
Weight (kg)
Pump Diameter (mm)9090909070704444
Pump Trigger Point (mm)770620370330715630650595
Min. Internal Well Diameter (mm)10010010010080805050
Max. Working Depth (m)130130130130130130130130
Max Operating Temp (Deg. C)100100100100100100100100
pH Operating Range1-121-121-121-121-121-121-121-12


VP4-BLViridian leachate pump, pneumatic, bottom-filling, 90mm x 1005mm, for 4″ (100mm) wells.
VP4-TLViridian remediation pump, pneumatic, top-filling, 90mm x 1100mm, for 4″ (100mm) wells.
VP4-BLLDDViridian Low-Drawdown leachate pump, pneumatic, bottom-filling, 90mm x 580mm, for 4” (100mm wells).
VP4-LDDTLViridian Low-Drawdown leachate pump, pneumatic, top-filling, 90mm x 550mm, for 4” (100mm wells).
VP3-BLViridian leachate pump, pneumatic, bottom-filling, 70mm x 1120mm, for 80mm wells min.
VP3-TLViridian remediation pump, pneumatic, top-filling, 70mm x 1190mm, for 80mm wells min.
VP2-BLViridian total fluids pump, pneumatic, bottom-filling, 44mm x 945mm, for 50mm wells
VP2-TLViridian total fluids pump, pneumatic, top-filling, 44mm x 945mm, for 50mm wells
VPPCViridian pneumatic pulse counter
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