Sonic Sleeving

Biodegradable Sleeving for Sonic Rigs

Now you can reduce your plastic footprint on sonic rig sampling jobs by using landfill-biodegradable HDPE sleeving. The clear sleeving has a 203mm lay-flat width, and a thickness of 150 micron.
Suitable for Geoprobe, Boart Longyear, and any other sonic rigs which use 8″ lay-flay sleeving.

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  • Sleeve Size: 150mm and  200mm layflat width, a heavy 150 micron thick
  • Roll size;  Length 200m approx.
  • Landfill biodegradable, which means it will be digested by natural occurring microorganisms in a landfill
  • Biodegrades 95% faster than non biodegradable bags
BGSv200150 Sleeving, 8″ (200mm) Layflat, 150 mic, clear, HDPE, 12kg, 200m roll,  For sonic rigs
BGSV150150 Sleeving, 6″(150mm) Layflat, 150 mic, clear, LDPE, 200 m roll. Landfill-Biodegradable,
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