• Prepacked Screen for Environmental Monitoring Wells

    • Great solution for sites prone to collapsing sands
    • Ensures accurate placement of filter media across desired interval
    • No adapters required, will thread directly onto our casing
    • Available in 50mm (PN18), 1.5m lengths
    • Male / Female threaded
    • Bottom end caps available, including the universal 'FlexiPoint 50'

  • Screen and Casing Bore Pipe for Monitoring Well Installations

    • High quality bore pipe for well installations
    • Available in 50mm (PN18) and 100mm (PN12) sizes
    • 2mm aperture slotted screen for landfill gas (LFG) installations
    • 25mm Schedule 40 casing and screen also stocked
    • Sleeved in biodegradable* plastic wrap for more sustainability. A first in Australia for reducing plastic waste and helping the environment
    • Well caps to suit, including the Tricap
    • Bottom end caps available, including the universal 'FlexiPoint 50'
  • Suitable for our 100mm PN12 PVC Screen and Casing, these flush-fitting bottom end caps are available with either male or female threads to help minimise your off-cut wastage during 100mm well installations.  

  • Flexipoint 50 The Flexipoint is pointed bottom end cap made from recycled plastic. It is long enough to be installed on either the male or female threaded end of the 50mm slotted PVC screen, without a need to cut off the female thread.
    • Sits flush with pipe OD, no edges to get caught
    • Pointed tip to push into bottom of hole if needed
    • Made from recycled plastic, giving you more sustainability
    • Fits PN18 / Class 18 pipe as standard
    • Also fits Class 12 or USA Sch 40 pipe with an optional oring
    • Made in Australia
    • For 50 mm pvc pipe
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