The QED Soil Hydrocarbon Analyser is a total organic hydrocarbon in soil and groundwater analyser that can accurately analyse both soil samples and water samples on site.

Suitable for direct on-site detection and analysis, it can be synchronized with the on-site investigation and sampling team or in the field. During excavation or in the early stage of pollution, quickly determine the source of gasoline (GRO) or diesel (DRO) or other oil pollution.

The QED Hydrocarbon Analyser can reliably identify petroleum hydrocarbon in the sample, as it uses the same solid state micro-spectrometers used by NASA to provide unrivalled accuracy in identifying petroleum hydrocarbons and PAHs.

The QED Soil Hydrocarbon Analyser can also solve the error of interfering substances caused by natural plant corruption in current laboratory analysis methods.

The QED Soil Hydrocarbon Analyzer can reduce the laboratory analysis costs and provide a faster and more convenient quick screening qualitative and quantitative method on site.

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