The premium, highly accurate dipperLog TOUGH+ with titanium body and transducer is suitable for use by environmental technicians and other groundwater professionals in the most caustic and hazardous of environments.

The dipperLog TOUGH+ is a reliable, cost-effective solution for long and short-term monitoring of groundwater levels and temperature in wells where contamination is a concern.

Suspended Version: Install the logger using a suspension cord and simply pull the logger up, connect to a laptop or tablet with a P.C. Communication Cable and retrieve your data. Real time readings are not available with this option.

Direct Read Version: This is the least labour-intensive model for groundwater data logging. The data logger is suspended on a direct read cable, which establishes a connection to the data logger at the wellhead. Programming, downloading, stopping and starting data collection can be done while the logger is deployed. Just connect your laptop or Windows Tablet at the wellhead.

Reel Version: An ideal option when transporting your data logger from site to site for pump and slug tests or any other short-term deployment. Programming and downloading of the data is capable via the connection on the face plate on the reel.
Real time readings are available with this option.

barLog: A barometric logger, that is used to automatically compensate readings stored on the dipperLog for changes in barometric pressure (for absolute version). Recommended for long term monitoring or where more than one logger is deployed within a 5 km radius.

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