Water Quality

Our range of hand-held instruments for groundwater or surface water monitoring of parameters such as pH, DO, ORP, EC and temperature.

Water Quality
  • The InsiteIG Portable Meter is a unique instrument that combines advanced electronics with exceptional functionality and ease of use. The meter will accept any standard portable DO, SS, pH, or ORP sensor and will automatically configure itself for the correct operation. The quick-disconnect, mil-spec connectors allow for quick sensor swaps. The meter includes a 250 point data logger that records sensor type, sensor reading, date, time, and location. The included Portalog software offers several sort options to customize the downloading and reporting of collected data. The rechargeable batteries allow for 8+ hours of use between charges.

    IPM Display

    The InsiteIG PortaCaddie is an optional organizational tool, available to purchase with each sensor, that captures the meter along with the sensor and cable. The PortaCaddie is designed to manage the cable to eliminate tangles while using the system in the field. The meter, sensor, and cable are retained securely during transport and are easily deployed at the desired test location. The rugged design was built specifically for the rigors encountered by field instrumentation. The PortaCaddie was designed to offer a level of protection to the meter, sensor, and cable.

    IPM Brochure

    IPM user Manual

  • Mi415 Turbidity Meter

    Turbidity refers to the concentration of undissolved, suspended particles present in a liquid.

    Turbidity is a measure of the clarity of a sample. For potable water applications turbidity is a good indicator of water quality. Turbidity Measurement is achieved by analysing the amount of light refracted from suspended particles such as clay, silt and organic material. By measuring turbidity, by photometric or tube methods, it is possible to estimate suspended solids content.

    The Mi415 has two operating ranges; 0.00 to 50.00 FNU, and 50 to 1000 FNU that can accommodate the most turbid condition you may encounter. The Mi415 is supplied in a hard carrying case, complete with reagents.

    Milwaukee MI415 Turbidity Meter

  • Dissolved Oxygen Smart Sensor The Model 32 is a solid state DO sensor with built-in smarts which outputs to Modbus RTU through RS232 hardware. Features:
    • Combines advanced electronics with a solid-state optical sensor
    • Does not consume oxygen like all standard membrane sensors
    • No membranes. DO is measured by fluorescence and does not require frequent calibration, or have consumables like membranes or caps to be changed
    • Very reliable, and stable calibration
    • Anti-fouling copper ring option available
    • Modbus RTU via RS232 hardware
    I’m glad we got onto these, they’re great sensors, the M32 we have deployed is running like clockwork.”  Lia -  Hydrographer. VIC.
  • Plug & Play Compatability - Smart Sensors The InsiteIG Single Channel Analyser is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with solid-state, smart sensors. The analyser will accept any standard InsiteIG DO, SS, pH, or ORP sensor and automatically configures for the correct operation. The system allows for flexible and economical process monitoring and control. Download Brochure 
  • Plug & Play Compatability - Smart Sensors The InsiteIG Dual Channel Analyser is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with solid-state, smart sensors. The analyser will accept any combination of two standard InsiteIG DO, SS, pH, or ORP sensors and automatically configures for the correct operation. The system allows for flexible and economical process monitoring and control. Download Brochure 
  • Mi605 is a portable, microprocessor-based, Dissolved Oxygen meter with automatic calibration and temperature compensation (ATC) specifically designed for spot sampling applications. Dissolved Oxygen measurements can be displayed in parts per million (ppm=mg/L) or in % of saturation. The temperature is indicated in Celsius from 0 to 50°C with 0.1 resolution. The meter compensates salinity and altitude automatically after manual input. Calibration is very simple and fast: just expose the polarographic Dissolved Oxygen probe MA840, supplied with the instrument, to air and press the CAL button. No need for chemical solutions! A HOLD button allows the user to freeze the reading on the LCD. The low battery indicator and the easy to replace screw on cap membranes make the Mi605 a compact instrument and ideal for all applications: aquaculture, wastewater, environmental and educational.
    MI605 Brochure
    Mi605 Instruction Manual
  • The Milwaukee 'Low Flow Kit' contains everything you need for accurately monitoring water quality parameters during low-flow groundwater sampling, in a convenient and rugged carry case. Measures the following parameters:
    • pH
    • ORP (redox)
    • EC (electrical conductivity)
    • TDS
    • DO (dissolved oxygen)
    • Temperature
    Also included:
    • Flow Cell (essential for low-flow sampling)
    • Rugged Carry Case (with pick & pluck foam).
    • Pk of 5 DO Membranes
    • Various Calibration Sachets
  • Measure the pH in soil easily using the Milwaukee Instruments MW101-SOIL pH meter kit. This portable meter is also suitable for use in a wide range of applications such as education, agriculture and horticulture, as well as water and environmental analysis.

    MW101 performs pH measurements with a 0.01 pH resolution and with manual temperature compensation.The meter is supplied with pH electrode and calibration solutions.

    Download MW101-SOIL pH Brochure

  • Mi306 Conductivity / TDS / NaCl / Temperature Professional Portable Meter

    Mi306 is a waterproof portable logging microprocessorbased Conductivity / TDS / NaCl / Temperature meter. The autoranging feature of the EC and TDS ranges automatically sets the meter to the scale with the highest possible resolution. The Auto Endpoint (HOLD) feature automatically freezes the display when a stable reading is reached.

    The measurements are automatically (ATC) or manually (MTC) compensated for temperature. The temperature coefficient value is user selectable. It is possible to disable the temperature compensation and measure the actual conductivity (NoTC). The Battery Error Preventing System (BEPS) switches the meter off when the batteries are too weak to support proper function. The meter can store measurements in memory by logging function for retrieval at a later time upon user request.

    Mi306 also allows data transfer to computer through the RS232 port. Double LCD displays, for simultaneous readings of the specific conductivity and temperature.

    Mi306 Brochure
    Mi306 Instruction Manual
  • Milwaukee Instruments MI806 pH/ Conductivity/ TDS/ Temperature Professional Portable Meter, EC Range - 0.00 to 20.00 mS/cm Measures 4 parameters with 1 single probe. Mi806 offers you a combination of pH, Conductivity, total Dissolved solids and temperature measurements. You can select from a range of calibration buffers and also the temperature scale (°C or °F) can be selected. The multi-parameter probe MA851D/1, includes pH/EC/TDS and temperature, all in one rugged handle. Other features include different TDS factors from 0.45 to 1.00, and a range of temperature coefficients (ss) from 0.0 to 2.4% for greater consistency and reproducibility. The Stability Indicator prompts the user when the reading stabilizes. The Auto-Hold Function automatically freezes reading for later viewing. Large and Easy-to-Read display provides simultaneous readings of pH and Temperature or EC/TDS and temperature. Includes
    • MA851D/1 pH/EC/TDS/Temp amplified probe with 1 meter cable
    • 2x20 mL pH 4.01 and pH 7.01 sachets of calibration solution
    • 2x20 mL 12880 µS/cm sachets of calibration solutions
    • 2x20 mL sachet of electrode cleaning solutions
    • Rrugged carrying case
    • 9V battery
    • Instructions
    MI806 Brochure
    MI806 Instruction Manual
  • Milwaukee MI805 Portable pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Meters Multi-range pH/EC/TDS and Temperature meter 4-in-1 pH/EC/TDS/Temperature probe The rugged MA851D/1 probe has been designed for heavy-duty applications (agriculture, industrial, etc.)
    Mi805 Brochure
    Mi805 Instruction Manual


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